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About Terminator

In 1984, the world was transformed by the mechanized world of the "Terminator." James Cameron's iconic film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger has spawned a number of sequels as well as a line of toys and video games. The franchise continues to be so popular that the fifth movie installment is scheduled for release in sometime in 2015. If you are a fan of the movies, video games, spoofs, or sequels, search on eBay where many reliable sellers have an incredible selection of related memorabilia. Pick up a new-to-you DVD game, movie poster, or T-shirt with the image of your favorite "Terminator" character or phrase. If you want to show that you are an ultimate fan, pick up a "Terminator" prop like a life-size replica of a T-800 bust, complete with facial expressions or a rare replica of the LAPD badge worn by the T-1000 robot in the second movie. And for a truly unique souvenir, grab a 1/4 scale "Terminator" endoskeleton that has light-up eyes, articulated limbs, and a detachable weapon. With convenient shipping options at your fingertips, you can sport your new "Terminator" accessory or prop with ease.