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About Temporary Tattoos

Love the look of tattoos but are not sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment? Temporary tattoos are a great solution. With temporary tattoos, you can test drive a design before deciding to make it permanent. Temporary tattoos come in three varieties, all of which are completely pain-free. Tattoo sleeves feature a printed art on a sheer material designed to blend in with your natural skin tone to give the appearance of actual tattoos. The sleeves, like any other clothing, can be removed at any time and worn again and again. The second type of temporary tattoos is designed to transfer directly onto your skin and lasts about a week. They can be removed sooner. Tattoo stickers function like any other sticker. Simply remove the tattoo from its backing and place on the body. To remove, simply peel the sticker off. Reliable sellers on eBay offer an immense selection of designs in all three styles of temporary tattoos. With convenient shipping options available, you can be sporting your new ink in no time.