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About Temple

Child stars are so common in modern society that they quickly become an afterthought after they reach adulthood and their careers conclude, but Shirley Temple is the exception. Perhaps the most famous child star ever, she became an icon whose popularity remained high long after she'd left the silver screen. Born in 1928, Temple made her first celluloid appearance at the age of three and quickly became a hit with moviegoers due to her ability to sing, dance, and act with her bubbly personality. By the late 1930s, Temple was the biggest box-office draw in the country. Though her silver-screen popularity began to wane in 1939, a small industry of Shirley Temple dolls, photos, dresses, and knick-knacks such as mugs, plates, and glasses remained. Today, you can still find a large selection of new and vintage Shirley Temple items on eBay, and with so many evocative pieces of memorabilia still out there, it appears that Shirley Temple will remain an icon for years to come.