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About Tell City - Furniture

Get a piece of history when you buy Tell City furniture for your home. Choose from tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors, and many other pieces. This Indiana company has a long history that is as fascinating as the furniture they make. The company first came into existence back in 1865 only seven years after the city itself was founded. Many of the early stockholders were the employees, who were determined to see the company thrive. The employees dedication is admirable—they took the chairs they made home with them each evening and wove the seat with their families' help, only to return them to the company the next day. Because the company no longer makes furniture, Tell City chairs or tables are in high demand. Find a beautiful Tell City rocker or other piece of furniture from reliable sellers on eBay. Buy a piece or two for your home and get inspired to achieve great things just like the former Tell City Furniture employees did.

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