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About Teletubbies Costumes

Perhaps you are more of a carefree Laa-Laa or a responsible Tinky Winky, while your child is more of the stubborn Dipsy type. Whoever your Teletubby of choice, new and used Teletubbies costumes available from reliable sellers on eBay make it easy to locate an adult Teletubbies costume in your size or a child or toddler version for your little one. Your child is sure to have the surprise of her childhood when Uncle Bob shows up at her next birthday party dressed in a plush Po Teletubbies costume that conceals his true identity. A cozy Teletubbies costume, complete with slip-on jumpsuit, plush mitten hands, and soft slipper shoes is also the perfect way to look fabulous and stay warm on a cold night out trick or treating. Not to mention, a creatively chosen Teletubbies ensemble is a surefire way to stand out in the crowd among the sea of princesses, witches, and superheroes. Whether you are looking to relive your own childhood or to allow your child to dress as a favorite cartoon character, a Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, or Tinky Winky outfit is sure to do the trick.