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About Teletubbies

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po have been delighting toddlers for years with their special language, crazy hijinks and fun songs. Each one of the odd looking characters has a television implanted in its abdomen and an antenna protruding from its head. They live in a beautiful landscape close to nature among rabbits and birds. Guardian Noo-Noo is the slurping vacuum cleaner who sucks up food and toys when the brightly colored buddies get too silly. “Naughty Noo-Noo,” they cry out in response. Tinky Winky is the leader of the bunch and also the largest. Covered in purple terrycloth, Tinky Winky always carries red luggage by his side. Green-colored Dipsy gets his name from the dipstick-shaped antenna on his head. Dipsy is stubborn and often refuses to go along with the characters’ antics. Sweet yellow Laa-Laa with a curly antennae loves to sing and dance. The youngest member of the group is Po. His antenna can blow soap bubbles. Teletubbies continue to entertain young children who play with soft, plush toys and talking dolls that depict the colorful characters. Keep vintage dolls that are still new in their boxes and well-protected. These rare versions are special purchases aimed at collectors. But other Teletubbie plush dolls invite lots of hugs from little people. Children love to make the talking dolls babble. Pull Noo-Noo’s string, and he vibrates like a real vacuum cleaner. Teletubbies toys can please serious toy collectors and babies alike, and they are exciting gifts for children weaned on the television program or DVDs.