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About Telescoping Poles

There is an inherent problem that all people share and are seldom willing to admit: sometimes they're just not tall enough. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed a lot of solutions to the problem and one of the solutions is the telescoping pole. They're compact in their collapsed state, but with a flick or the release of a latch, they extend to their full length. Skiing enthusiasts know firsthand the difficulties involved in storing even one ski pole, not to mention two or more. Getting a collapsible one lets you store it safely without endangering other equipment on your next trip. However, eBay's reliable sellers have others kinds of poles available, as well for the space conscious. A fishing pole designed with the same principles in mind is mainly concerned with staying compact. They make for relaxing afternoons, but storing normal fishing rods leads to cluttered corners and closets if you're not careful. Both of these kinds of used telescoping pole are available, as well as others designed to work with separate tasks.