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About Teleflex Steering

The Teleflex Marine Corporation manufactures Teleflex steering cables, and they are easy to install on a wide variety of boats. They can provide greater tension in your boat's steering wheel, making tight turns easier and less stressful on your hands and arms. They are also resistant to oil, chemicals, and abrasions, helping to extend the life of your boat's steering system. The Teleflex steering cable system is particularly effective where the installation requires long steering runs or multiple bends between the helm and the engine. They use a Teleflex steering wheel, steering cables, and a rudder to move your aquatic vehicle. You can choose the length of steering cable that you need. Steering systems can be mechanical or hydraulic. The Teleflex Big T is the only mechanical steering system with a version designed for boats with two steering wheels. It is easy to use the huge inventory on eBay to find the perfect Teleflex steering equipment for your vehicle, as well as any tools you may need to navigate precisely out on the water.

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