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About Telechron

While it is possible to tell time using the position of the sun, it is not easy. Thankfully, Telechron produced the first electric clocks beginning in 1912, making it much easier for the average person to keep track of time. The battery-powered clocks in use until then kept inaccurate time as the battery power weakened. The plug-in kitchen clock was a more reliable way of keeping time by using an electric motor in place of batteries. Available in multiple designs, the clocks matched any decor. From simple white or tan clocks that blended with the wall, to brighter red or blue clocks that stood out, homeowners had a variety of choices. Bring some vintage style to your home with a wall clock that reflects this old-fashioned style. Plug a gorgeous gold scroll wall clock along a living room wall and watch as it catches your guest's eyes. Hang a retro clock featuring a Coca-Cola logo in the game room. Search the large inventory on eBay to find a Telechron clock for your home and add timeless style to your home decor.