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About Tele Pickups

You like to rock and bop on your Tele, but choosing a Tele pickup for your guitar that gives you the sound you want can be complex. Invented by guitar legend Les Paul, the Telecaster's intent was to create a lap steel sound in an electric guitar. Its "natural" sound, therefore, is bright and clear, and you want to select a Tele pickup based on how you want to address that sound. If you want to be true to the Tele's original design, maybe a lap steel-style Tele bridge pickup can help give you that classic sound. Those going for a classic 1950's sound might want to look into a Tele pickup with raised D and G poles. There are also Tele pickup set options that use a humbucker approach to reduce interference and can give you anything from a jazz sound to a twangy 1960's vintage sound. To start exploring your options, take a look at the new and used pickups available for Telecasters on eBay and find a setup that complements your playing and brings out the best in your classic guitar.