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About Tekken

Though there are a ton of fighting video games on the market, few have stood the test of time like Tekken. Originally released as an arcade game in the 1990s, the 3D fighting game Tekken is now available for a wide range of game consoles, so you can most likely play your favorite game on the console you already own. Newer versions of the game, such as Tekken 6, feature impressive graphics as well as a roster of more than 40 opponents, each with a unique fighting style. If you're looking for a new fighting experience, check out Street Fighter x Tekken and take the fight to the streets. This two-on-two fighting game reverts back to two-dimensional style and allows you to switch between three punch styles and three kick styles. Find both of these games as well as other popular titles in this series through the reliable sellers on eBay. Show off your martial arts and street fighting prowess to your friends and family as you knock out your opponents one by one. Just remember to keep the fighting in the game.