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About Tekin

There are a variety of options for remote control model car enthusiasts to choose from when deciding how to power their vehicle, from glow plug engines that use real fuel to more conventional batteries. Tekin is a company that specializes in the latter, producing batteries, chargers, and engines for model cars of all different stripes. The Tekin RX8 is one such engine, being designed for 1/8 scale model cars racing on shorter tracks. Another model, the Tekin T8, is specialized for model truggies an off-road combination of a truck and a buggy in full scale models, which gives the model more power to move on rough terrain. Both of these products are compatible with sensored or sensorless operation, and the former even has the option to plug into a PC with HotWire interface to update and reprogram some of its functions. Buyers looking for these or other Tekin products can find a wide variety in good to excellent condition from trusted sellers on eBay offering convenient and reliable shipping options.