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About TechnoMarine Cruise

TechnoMarine Cruise watches, available in men's and women's designs, are sure to get you there in style and on time. The versatile, interchangeable bands and bezels give you options for color and contrast. The men's beach blue TechnoMarine is a battery-powered quartz analog, waterproof to 200m with a blue and transparent bezel. Additional bezels and compatible bands are available separately. The bezels are silicone or polyurethane and allow you to switch them out easily with quick release. The TechnoMarine Diamond Cruise Magnum Chrono features unexpected elements in a cohesive design. It marries a rubber wristband with a red mother of pearl face with date and stopwatch function, and adds a stainless steel white diamond encrusted bezel featuring 116 diamonds and 0.8 carats. The women's TechnoMarine Cruise Original Lipstick women's quartz watch features a rainbow holographic dial and interchangeable silicone wristband. To appease your wild side, the TechnoMarine Cruise Jungle Ladies Watch comes in black and white, pink, orange, or turquoise jungle print bands. There is a large inventory available on eBay from which to choose the ideal TechnoMarine timepiece.