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About Technics 1210

If you dream of spinning your way to superstardom, you cannot do much better than a Technics SL-1210. This famous turntable first debuted in the 1970s and was a popular piece of equipment in the early days of DJ culture. It has a lot in common with its parent turntable, the SL-1200. Its control, low resonance, high torque, S-shaped tonearm and low wow and flutter make it a great turntable for spinning and scratching. It also has variable tone control, which offers some flexibility in performance situations. The Technics SL-1210 offers a few upgrades from the SL-1200, including dual voltage that lets you switch between 110 and 220 volts, meaning that you can take your turntable on your world tour. Some SL-1210 turntables have extra numbers and letters behind the original model name. These indicate upgrades to the original design. For example, the MK5 version features no-click pitch control and an LED light in the stylus. Whether you spin discs in your basement or you settle into the DJ booth every weekend, you can find a large inventory of Technics SL-1210 turntables on eBay, including M5G, MK5, and MK2 models.

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