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About Teardrop Trailers

Your garage groans under the weight of all the camping gear you have accumulated over the years — there is not even room for the car anymore. This year, get rid of all that stuff and treat your family to the luxury of a teardrop trailer for exploring the great outdoors. Its compact construction and aerodynamic shape makes it easy to trail behind Mini Coopers and pickup trucks alike. Featuring a vintage design, teardrop travel trailers deliver ultimate comfort without sacrificing the minimalist feel of camping. However, do not be misled into thinking that available space is tight. Teardrop camping trailers offer plenty of storage, with some providing interior closet space and others including a storage platform attached to the front for all your gear and trunks. There is also room for a shelf on the wall to hold a radio, books, and other entertainment. Enjoy the convenience of instant campsite setup complete with a mini kitchen that opens to your campfire. Some even have dining tables that fold down from the side of the shelter. Reliable sellers on eBay offer everything from barebones and custom-made options to plans that show you how to build your very own teardrop trailer at home.