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About Teaks

There is a reason why people have used teak in boatbuilding for 150 years and is one of the main choices for home and furniture building in India. The teak wood material offers durability; resistance to rot, fungi, and mildew; and low shrinkage ratio. This means a teak boat that features teak decking, foundation, and interiors can confidently sail the sea. When it comes to furniture, teak is a valuable wood material that is especially useful for outdoor furniture because of its tensile strength and tight grain qualities. Aside from that, teak also exhibits a beautiful natural color that makes it a great base material for chairs, tables, and other furniture. New teak furniture can have a yellowish-brown color with good grain and texture. Teak ages well and, over time, it can have a pleasant silvery-gray finish, especially when exposed to sunlight. You can always bring out the color of teak with a quality varnish and make your furniture more appealing to the eye. Choose from the wide variety of teak wood materials and furniture on eBay. Strong and beautiful wood always has a space in one's home.