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About Tea Tree Oils

Take advantage of essential oils extracted using steam distillation methods from tea trees as they possess medicinal properties, are completely natural, and feature organic ingredients without any added synthetic chemicals. Find a large inventory of tea tree oil on eBay. Tea tree oil possesses antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, and for use as an insecticide. As a result, it is essentially a very powerful immune stimulant. Using this information, some research studies have shown that incorporating this essential oil during massages can help fortify the body before surgery, and is effective in reducing post-operative shock. It is also a common ingredient in vapor therapy, and has a reputation for being extremely effective in treating colds, measles, sinus conditions, and viral infections. Tea tree oil has a relaxing scent that is particularly minty with a hint of spices. On top of being an immune stimulant, any professionals have claimed that adding two drops of this essential oil into a sink of water when washing your face can help improve acne conditions, so that you can enjoy clearer and smoother skin.