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About Tea Towels

Tea towels are not just for teatime. Not to be confused with a dish towel, which is meant for dirty tasks such as wiping up spills, a tea towel is designed for pretty as well as practical uses. Its original function, as its name suggests, was to cover a tea tray. If you do not have time to serve high tea every day, you can still use a tea towel in other creative ways. Drape it over a basket of fresh muffins. Dry your clean dishes. Cover rising bread dough. A thin material is best for a tea towel, and linen is a popular choice. Search the inventory on eBay for a lovely new or vintage linen tea towel. You can find towels with beautiful prints that depict everything from Tuscan sunflowers to the Eiffel Tower. English and Irish designs are commonly found on tea towels because teatime is a tradition in those countries. Do not overlook handcrafted embroidered tea towels. Sellers on eBay carry rooster motifs, farm scenes, floral patterns, even days-of-the-week themes. Take advantage of the straightforward shopping experience to dress up your kitchen.