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About Tea Caddies

Serving tea can be a high art form that includes using attractive pots, cups, and dishes. In addition, a tea caddy is also a work of art, reflecting how much the owner cares about the quality of the leaves. In English-speaking countries, people often use a wood tea caddy to store a selection of different bags or even loose tea in separate compartments. Many of those on eBay are lovely antiques that look great on a serving cupboard. Other options include ceramic or silver tea caddy choices, also in new or pre-owned condition. The ceramic styles often feature Japanese or Chinese designs, making them lovely decorative artworks as well. These small jars feature an easily removed lid and bright colors. Other Japanese choices include small, round wood caddies with some featuring lacquered designs. Storing tea is only one of the functions, as any quality tea caddy acts as a decorator piece in a room. So add a tea caddy to your home today to add beauty and functionality to your brewing experience.

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