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About TCA Peels

Your skin is soft, hydrated, and glowing regardless of the conditions outside. TCA peels can help you to achieve this by improving the texture of your skin. People use these peels to reduce spotting on the skin, improve damage and texture, treat acne, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. This type of peel works through the use of trichloracetic acid, a type of non-toxic chemical. Before choosing a peel, be mindful of the chemical composition because there are different percentages of trichloracetic acid in different peels, such as 15 percent and 20 percent. The higher the percentage, the stronger the peel and those with sensitive skin should go with a lower percentage to reduce the risk of irritation and redness. When you apply the peel, you leave it on for the amount of time the instructions dictate and during this time, it removes the top layer of dead skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin. In most cases, you need two to three peels to get the best results. Explore the large inventory of TCA peels on eBay to find the best product for your skin.