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About TaylorMade Putters

Your friends hate golfing with you because you have the annoying habit of giving your clubs menacing names and calling them off before you take your swings. A TaylorMade putter needs no such nicknames. With a name like the TaylorMade Ghost Manta putter, the snow white club looks every bit sinister and performs excellently, too. Its ghostly white finish is intended to sharply contrast with the turf as well as eliminate glares and hot spots from reflected sunlight. Without these distractions, you can easily aim the club's face and tee the ball the last few feet to victory. If you find the white finish of the club too mild, you should choose the TaylorMade White Smoke putter. It may be called White Smoke but this putter sports a black finish for the same reasons as the Ghost Manta. Its white Surlyn insert ensures smooth and accurate ball rolls from the face of the club. Browse through the wide selection of golf clubs available on eBay to find that oddly named TaylorMade putter to scare your friends into submission.