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Your artistic flair is as unique as you are. As an in-demand tattoo artist, your customers expect the best. eBay makes it easy to shop for equipment, needles, and pigments in one visit. Check out some excellent buying tips here.

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About Tattoo Supplies

Your dream is to open a tattoo parlor, but you know it takes a lot of work, good supplies, and a satisfied customer base. As an artist, you put a lot of thought into your designs, and you need to have the right tattoo supplies. Many elements go into creating a good, sanitary tattoo parlor. Stocking up on quality tattoo stencil supplies is important to ensure you can handle almost any request. Invest in a new or used tattoo transfer machine with thermal copier and stencil making capabilities and stock up on quality stencil transfer paper. Your tattoo ink supplies are vital to creating a vibrant, quality piece of art. Good inks, such as Intenze and Kuro Sumi, hold color and resist fading, which is important for an artist's reputation. Use the reliable sellers on eBay to order your tattoo supplies for delivery so you do not even have to leave your shop.