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About Tattoo Coils

No longer confined to the bodies of sailors, convicts, and sideshow performers, tattoos and tattoo artists alike are finally assuming their well-deserved place in mainstream society. Far from a simple begrudging acceptance, Americans have fully embraced tattoo culture, creating a cottage industry encompassing everything from celebrity tattoo artists to reality television competitions, to an utter fascination with minutiae such as technical specs of tattoo coils. As you might imagine, tattoo coils are the most important part of the artist's equipment and, as is the case with any other finely tuned instrument, subject to plenty of tinkering and modification to suit the needs of the user. This process often results in the creation of custom tattoo coils, highly sought after by top-tier tattoo artists and tattoo memorabilia collectors alike. Taking this one step further, homemade tattoo coils have begun appearing, built from the ground up to meet the user's needs. Much in the way that a return to classic mixology revitalized the bar scene, the focus on traditional techniques and processes are advancing tattooing as an art form. To get in on the ground floor of this revolution, check out the tattoo coils available on eBay.