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About Tascam Recorders

Your band has a strong following among indie music fans and at every gig, a growing number of people ask where they can buy your songs. A Tascam recorder is the perfect portable and affordable equipment to capture your live performance and practice sessions for your fans. For a high-quality portable device, choose the Tascam DR-07 recorder. The DR-07 MKII has a pair of adjustable, unidirectional, condenser microphones to capture sound and record onto micro SD memory cards. Its auto-recording feature is perfect for those practice sessions when you try out different variations of your songs. However, if you want to record your music directly to compact discs, then a Tascam CD recorder is what you need. This device can automatically identify and set track markers for your live recordings and it also plays back CDs. With the wide selection of professional audio equipment available on eBay, you can find the best Tascam recorder to help put your music in the hands of your fans.