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Shop the large inventory of jewelry deals including body piercing taper/stretchers!

About Tapers

Body jewelry for the ears can be larger, bolder, and more garish than ever when you use tapers to gradually widen a pierced ear lobe. Purchase ear tapers in surgical steel or brighter colors such as hot pink, purple, blue, or yellow made from acrylic material. Reliable eBay sellers offer the stretchers in packages with enough graduated sizes to expand the perforation from start to finish beginning with the smallest diameter up to your desired gauge. Buy glow-in-the-dark tapers for nighttime fun while waiting for your ear piercings to expand. Professionals recommend that you use the ear set to stretch one size over a period of two to three weeks so the whole process may extend to several months duration. Consider buying spiral tapers that look more stylish during the treatment than the typical straight conical rod taper. Before long you will see your new look take shape and reaching your goal to hang heavier trinkets on your ear lobes.