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About Taper Candles

You don't have to tell your guests the dinner party was catered, but you can take full credit for the beautiful ambience. Taper candles, colorful flowers, and personalized nameplates create a beautiful setting for your friends and family. You can upgrade standard taper candles by adding a little personalized touch. Use spray adhesive and add glitter to basic taper candles before placing them in taper candle holders to add a little glimmer and shine to your table. You can use iridescent glitter, or colorful mixtures to accent the holiday, season, or theme of your party. If you prefer to keep it simple, look for blue taper candles or another hue to add a pop of color without any extra work. Choose from 6-inch and 12-inch candles, or mix them up for a more eclectic look. eBay's reliable sellers offer an assortment of taper candles to suit your tastes and the occasion. Leave the cooking to the caterers and use your energy to decorate for your guests instead.

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