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About Tanning Bed Bulbs

Owning a tanning bed, either at home, or at a salon, is an exciting thing, as you can get that beautiful sun-kissed look all year long. However, tanning beds require some maintenance and one of the consumables that require your attention most often are tanning bed bulbs. Whether you own a 10-lamp tanning bed or a powerful 32-bulb tanning bed, the vast inventory of bulbs available on eBay makes replacing them a breeze. Most tanning beds work with long bulbs that emit a bluish color, which are actually the ultraviolet rays that allow your body to tan. A tanning bulb needs replacing every time you notice a light flickering or going black altogether. As using the wrong type of bulbs can cause serious injuries, it is important to use the exact type recommended for your specific tanning bed. Tanning bed bulbs are available individually or in packs containing the exact number of bulbs required for a bed. Their performance is measured in watts, which means that you can go for a high-performance kind of bulb that provides a good tan in just 10 minutes, or one that takes up to 20 minutes to deliver the desired results. Enjoy a tanned complexion even in winter with the right tanning bed bulbs.