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About Tankless Gas Water Heater

Your old water heater finally gave up and leaked all over the laundry room. After cleaning up the mess and hearing the moans and groans of your family as they take cool showers, you decide to invest in a tankless gas water heater. Tankless heaters use high-powered burners to heat water that passes through a heat exchanger. They are nearly 20 percent more energy efficient than their counterparts with tanks, saving owners money. A natural gas tankless water heater is used indoors to heat shower, cooking, or bathing water. Outdoor tankless water heaters are used for the same purposes but save interior space and do not require a vent pipe. For an even more efficient experience, consider a whole-house gas tankless water heater, which offers anywhere from a 3.1 to a 4.2 gallon per minute heating capacity. The sellers on eBay have the tankless gas water heater you need. Find one that fits your home size and offers just the right heating power to make the family happy again.