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About Tank Bags

You never realize how much you miss all the trays, nooks, and crannies for storage in a vehicle until you have a motorcycle. A tank bag provides an easy-access storage space for your riding essentials and those little luxuries that make your trip a pleasure. The bag fits on or across the motorcycle tank, so you can reach your cell phone, GPS unit, and music player without having to get off the bike to dig in a backpack or saddlebag. If your bike has a metal tank, consider magnetic luggage that attaches without a strap and stays in place whatever your riding style. Choose a piece of luggage that is slightly smaller than the usable portion of your tank to ensure it stays put around corners. Look for high quality nylon that is durable, weather resistant, and easy to care for. Check the back and seams to prevent scratching your baby. Get organized by buying a new or used tank bag from a reliable seller on eBay. Whether you ride to work or work to ride, this accessory keeps you going.