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About Tandy Leather

As the tumbleweed blows by, the two cowboys squint at each other across the corral wearing creased well-worn leather. Tandy Leather may not be quite as old as the Wild, Wild West, but they have been making leather products for almost a hundred years. Tandy Leather provides high quality leather working tools, leather, and accessories for the professional or hobbyist. The company combined with The Leather Factory in 2000, expanding its customer base and products that it offers. Tandy leather tools provide everything you need to produce high quality leatherwork, from sewing awls to embossing tools. They also offer many items to decorate your leather work with, such as conchos and belt buckles. If you are just beginning to learn leatherwork, Tandy leather belts are a good starting item. The belts come with the hardware attached and blank allowing you to customize it. Pick from hundreds of reliable sellers on eBay that offer leather, tools, patterns, and even beginners’ kits.