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About Tandem Bicycle

You may enjoy riding solo on your bike, but tandem bicycles double the fun. These bikes feature an extended layout; you may think of them as limousines of the bicycle world. They have front and rear tires, like ordinary bicycles, and come in tall straight frames for men or smaller round frames for women. You can find these bikes with separate components for each rider, including pedals attaching to cranks with double or triple gear sets. Double gears shed excess weight from the bike, which comes in handy when climbing hills, but has more limited ranges for gears than units with triple gear sets. You can find tandem bicycles in classic bike shapes, including hybrids and road bikes. For an old-school look, vintage tandem bicycles make a nice riding choice. These bikes feature broad fenders covering the tops of the front and rear tires. They have bulkier frames, making them ideal for cruising down flat roads, like city streets and paved bike paths. These bikes have separate handlebars for riders, along with two sets of brakes and two handlebar units, yielding a synchronized riding style and letting riders share the work. You can search for a beautiful new double bike on eBay, where a large inventory lets you explore the various options, or save some money with used tandem bicycles and throw in gloves, helmets, and shoes too for the full riding experience.

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