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About Tamiya Blackfoot

Monster trucks touch a special psychic nerve, imprinting an indelible sense of power and aggression on the psyche. Tamiya Blackfoots are able to capture this feeling at 1/10 scale. The remote control monster trucks are ideal for children who want to relive their favorite monster truck moments and pilot their cars over all sorts of rough terrain. In addition, monster truck enthusiasts appreciate the attention to detail notable throughout the Tamiya Blackfoot body. The Blackfoot is known for its relatively low initial cost, which contributes to the popularity of today's remote control cars. The Blackfoot is joined in Tamiya's lineup by a "Monster Beetle" and other variations. You can find a wide range of Tamiya Blackfoot gear for sale in the large inventory on eBay, where you have access to an impressive collection of models and parts. The Tamiya Blackfoot is known for its durability and rugged design, which allow the monster truck to be driven in a number of terrains, perfect for any adventurous owner. The Tamiya Blackfoot sets a high bar for modern remote control monster truck models.

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