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About Talking Watches

Between appointments, medication schedules, and work deadlines, sometimes life's demands are so hard to stay on top of that standard watches just do not do the trick. In these cases, depend on handy talking watches that announce the time and date in natural-sounding voices, so you have auditory reminders to keep you on track. These specialty timepieces are especially helpful for people who are blind or otherwise find it difficult to read numbers on a watch face. Some models have several built-in alarms you can set throughout the day, and many have snooze features to give you more control over when an audible alert sounds. Browse through the large inventory on eBay and find stylish men's, women's, and kids' talking watches. Some have stopwatch features, making it easier to determine how long you spend doing daily tasks. Others feature alarm voices from famous people, such as skateboard superstar Tony Hawk, to bring a smile to your face every time you get a reminder. Take control of a busy agenda by relying on innovative watches that consistently remind you what to do at certain times.