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About Talavera

Your mom always yelled at you for tossing the football around indoors, and she proved prophetic as your brother's wayward pass knocked her Talavera bowl from the shelf. If you have a sudden, urgent need to pick up some Mexican Talavera pottery, there are plenty of different pieces from which to choose. Beautiful Talavera pottery was introduced to Mexico by Spanish artisans during the colonial years. It is named after the famous 16th century Spanish pottery center of the same name and has a worldwide reputation for being finely crafted and easy on the eye. Talavera tiles look wonderful surrounded by bright blooms when placed in the yard or garden and a Talavera plate can make a fine addition to any proud homeowner's kitchen. Whether you are looking for a fine Talavera vase, top-quality pottery, or tiles and planters for the yard, you can find everything you need on eBay. With thousands of reliable sellers and plenty of shipping options, you can browse a huge inventory of products and have everything sent right to your door without ever leaving home.