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About Takara

Some companies pass through the world with no one ever knowing their name, but Japan?s Takara was not one of them, thanks to the various toy lines they maintained. A healthy relationship with one of their American counterparts, Hasbro, ensured that Takara reached an international audience. The Takara Transformers line helped introduce the world to the original robots in disguise, and began the enduring popularity that eventually led to live action films. While these vintage toys may look quaint to some collectors, every famous line has to start somewhere. The cross-pollination benefited more than just robot fans, as it sent other things to Japan that are also available from eBay's reliable sellers. Takara Star Wars toys used many of the same designs as their American counterparts, and as a result, preserved their share of classic designs that collectors keep an eye out for. Eventually Takara succumbed to economic pressures, but fans of the company will be happy to know they have merged with Tomy, and continue on the legacy of both companies by making more memorable toys.