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About Tailcoats

When it comes to truly dressing to the nines, you need gloves and a coat with tails. Tailcoats, as the name suggests, are formal coats that have two tails hanging behind. This, of course, does not refer to animal tails. The coat is simply longer in the back, and this rear section of fabric is divided into two sections that typically end in points. When you see tails on coats worn today, the coats are usually part of a costume, as tails are associated with eras gone by and over-the-top elegance. Many steampunk cosplay outfits, for example, feature vintage tailcoats, as the steampunk genre is heavily influenced by Victorian clothing and accessories. These types of coats may also be worn as part of military, butler, or vampire costumes. If you browse through the listings on eBay, you can see the many diverse tailcoat options available for both men and women. Reliable sellers offer numerous styles, including Gothic, tie-dye, tuxedo, and Victorian tailcoats. Whether you are looking for a coat that has ruffled, feminine tails or one with sleek, satin tails, you can find plenty of new and used options from which to choose.