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About Tahoe Bumpers

While compact cars are ideal for families and pickup trucks are great for towing, a large SUV such as the Chevrolet Tahoe makes for a wonderful set of wheels for wherever the road may take you. If you decide to modify one of these SUVs, then Tahoe bumpers are a good idea. A Tahoe front bumper is a useful place to start, such as an unpainted steel bumper with a chrome finish that fits Tahoe models from 2000 through 2006. Bracket mounting hardware makes installation a breeze. Consider upgrading the back of the vehicle with an attractive Tahoe rear bumper since the front now looks so good. Intended for any Tahoe SUV between 2000 and 2006, a rear bumper in silver with white rubber detailing is the ideal way to get some attention from behind too. Find the ideal Tahoe bumper for your SUV by browsing the vast inventory on eBay.