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About TAG Heuer Monaco

Great watches, like great men, live up to their names. The TAG Heuer Monaco was named after the annual Formula One event, the Monaco Grand Prix. A year after it came out, Steve McQueen wore it in the racing movie, "Le Mans" and instantly made it an iconic timepiece. More than a cultural symbol, the Monaco is also a technical marvel and a landmark in watchmaking history. It is the first automatic wristwatch, as well as the first water-resistant chronograph to come in a square case. The first Monaco watches run on the much celebrated Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement, and some subsequent models on the highly collectible TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12. Modern Monaco watches are not only as desirable as vintage versions, but they also stay in the forefront of watch technology. The Monaco V4, for example, is the first watch with a belt drive transmission. Besides its iconic square shape, another defining feature of the watch is its premium leather TAG Heuer Monaco strap. You can find authentic replacement straps, as well as vintage and modern Tag Heuer Monaco watches among the wide selection of luxury chronographs on eBay.