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About Tactical Pens

When in an emergency, you may need a pen that can continue to work no matter what happens. Tactical pens are tough and can aid you in getting out alive. Check out a variety of pens in the large inventory on eBay. You can feel like the man with your own Smith & Wesson in your pocket, only it is a tactical pen. Machined out of 6061 hard-anodized aluminum, Smith & Wesson tactical pens are super strong and feature lightweight case. It also features a sharp point at the end, which can deliver a painful striking blow to attackers if needed in self-defense. Their tactical pen 5.7-inches long and weighs in at 1.4 ounces with a pocket clip to keep it secure. Schrade tactical pens are similar with a 5.7-inch length, but only weighs a scant .96 ounces. The casing is also machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and has a sharp point at the end for self-defense or even breaking up obstacles in your way. Both pens use standard Parker ink cartridges, so you can refill them as needed. When you expect the worst, get a pen that does not fail in a tough spot.