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About Tacoma Hoods

Your wife was devastated when she was involved in a car accident that did some damage to the front end of her car, including her Tacoma?s hood. You calmed her down, whispering for her not to worry, because after all, she was married to a mechanic. You slowly guided her to her laptop and landed on eBay, as you explained that their reliable sellers have a vast array of vehicle parts for sale. You made the mistake of telling her that she could pick out the new hood for her truck, so of course she picked a Tacoma Sport hood. You nodded your head and told her that was indeed a great choice, but to instead take a look at what you found: a 2013 Tacoma hood that features a bug deflector, comes in a dark smoke color, and has an attractive acrylic hood shield visor. This hood is designed to be stylish as well as effective, and it doesn?t take much convincing for your wife to be sold on it. As soon as it arrives, she insists that you install it right away so she can take a drive to try it out.