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About Table Legs

If your coffee or dining table has seen better days, you do not have to toss it out with the broken-down recliner. A fresh set of table legs gives your surface a welcome shot at new life, especially when you have been forced to level your table with old telephone books. Not only do new or antique legs resolve structural issues with your table, but they also allow you to subtly change the style or design of the room in which the table is displayed. Ornately carved legs can make a modern table look more vintage while a set of metal legs adds an industrial or rustic flair to the piece. Unfinished legs might appeal to you if you want to put your personal stamp on them. You can paint, stain, or otherwise change how they look without having to strip away an old finish. Alternatively, trust the vast inventory of table legs available from sellers on eBay to furnish you with brand new legs that can be attached to your table right out of the box. Either way, you will feel better knowing your table has a leg or four to stand on.