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About T3/T4 Turbos

F1, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the World Rally Championship: T3/T4 turbos have been there, done that, and won the prizes. If you want to add a little muscle to your motor, turbochargers offer a quick and easy solution. They compress the air going into the cylinder to allow for a greater ignition and subsequently a bigger downward force on the pistons, which results in a bigger boost of speed. Garrett is the largest manufacturer of turbos, and is the company responsible for creating the "T" numbering convention used to categorize each type of turbocharger. T3 turbos are for applications ranging from 200 to 300 hp, while T4 turbos are for 400 to 800 hp. The hybrid Garrett T3/T4 turbos are reliable and safe turbochargers that use a combination of the exhaust side turbine of the T3 with the air compressor turbine of the T4 to offer 300 to 550 hp. Other companies produce similar units that offer the same performance boosts, such as the Precision T3/T4 turbos. If you want to get your motor running, enjoy the thrill of the raw horsepower offered by T3/T4 turbos, available from the large inventory on eBay.