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About T Handle Lock

Pool chemicals, gardening tools, and other dangerous equipment should not be what occupies your mind when you are not around your garden shed. A T-handle lock secures everything you cannot keep in the house and leaves your mind free to focus on what is important. A T-handle shed lock has a stem that can accommodate doors up to five and a quarter inches thick, making them perfect for even heavy shed doors and basement dormers. In a pinch they can even be made to serve for animal shelters like chicken coops and pig pens where their significant tensile strength makes them all but impossible to break. A T-handle vending machine lock is a worthwhile investment for anyone who owns these machines and vandalism is a concern. The lock secures their contents against both accidental failure and theft, leaving you the time you need to focus on distribution and resupply rather than worrying about kids forcing inadequate locks and making off with candy. You can find a T-handle lock in the vast inventory of locks on eBay.