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About T Bird Jackets

They were the coolest boys at Rydell High and live on as pop culture icons years after "Grease" came out in theaters. T-Bird jackets celebrate Danny Zuko and his friends, and allow you to live out one of your favorite movies. Pair it with some jeans, a white T-shirt, and sunglasses and head out the door as the character you always wanted to be. Dress up for Halloween as Danny and have your spouse dress as Sandy. Wear your "Grease" T-bird jacket with your friends and go as the whole gang. Introduce your children to one of your childhood favorites and then get them a kid's T-Bird jacket for their next costume party. Throw a 1950s themed party and have everyone come in costume. You can have soda jerks, Pink Ladies, T-Birds, and girls wearing poodle skirts. Fire up the jukebox and do some dancing to popular 1950s music. Search for a variety of new and pre-owned T-Bird jackets made available from one of the many reliable sellers on eBay. Go back in time for just one night.