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About Swivel

Telling the story of your twisted line and the one that got away is as old as fishing itself; twisted lines are never fun, but a simple swivel can make them a thing of the past. Love it or hate it, it's what keeps your line from getting tangled. From the basic, but overused barrel swivel to the crane swivel, to snap swivels that make switching out your lures a breeze, you need to know which swivel is the best for your purposes. Barrel models are affordable, but not as well engineered as the crane, which is a good general-purpose option. Snap swivels are easy to use, but avoid something shiny unless you want to lose it to a hungry surface-feeder. At the top of the heap are ball bearing swivels, which have expert engineering and durability, just what you need to reel in that giant fish. Browse eBay for a great assortment of new and experienced swivels, including lots that have enough for you and your best fishing buddies. Get over the big one that got away and start reeling 'em in all over again thanks to your fishing swivel.