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About Swiss Automatic Watches

It is exactly 3:16 am; you know this because your elegant Swiss automatic watch announces that it is time to get up and start your daily trek in to work. Something about the watch makes it seem almost OK to have to get up that early… almost. Over the centuries, Swiss watches have become immensely popular because of the precision behind their design. An automatic watch comes with the added benefit of being self-winding. This means that your arm's natural motion keeps the watch wound at all times. Automatic watches have come a long way since Abraham-Louis Perrelet, a Swiss watchmaker, invented the first model in 1770. Today, sellers on eBay offer great deals on a wide variety of Swiss automatic movement watches, and there is no better time to grab one. Luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex are popular options for those who seek style and function. These watches make great heirlooms and bring a refined lift to almost any wardrobe choice. Swiss military automatic watches are another popular option, although for a different set of reasons. Featuring a rugged construction, military watches are suitable for individuals with active lifestyles. They sport large, easy-to-read numbers, and they come with optional date or rotating bezel features. Design wise, these Swiss automatic watches offer silicone, nylon, or metal straps, giving you a flexible range of choices for your day-to-day needs.