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About Swiss Army

You curse as you glance at your watch, and realize that water from the creek has entered the mechanism and caused it to stop, who knows how long ago. If you are tired of poorly made gear ruining your outdoor excursions and seek a top-quality watch, backpack, or other piece of camping gear, the Swiss Army brand may be perfect for you. Once known primarily for the quality of their knives, the Swiss Army product line has since expanded and Victorinox, the company behind the brand, now manufactures a wide range of top-quality camping and outdoor equipment and accessories. A Swiss Army backpack is always made from tough, durable fabric, and is engineered with the outdoors in mind. A Swiss Army watch is robust and waterproof, so you can rely on it no matter the conditions of your next expedition. Whether you are after clothing and apparel, knives and tools, or bags, watches, and accessories, eBay has got you covered. With thousands of reliable sellers offering a huge range of products, you can always find what you need, and you can do it all from home with the click of a button, saving you an expedition to the store and giving you more time to explore the great outdoors.