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About Swimmable Mermaid Tail

Up on the land they work all day, but under the sea, it is time to play. A swimmable mermaid tail is a synthetic lower-body sleeve that fits from the feet to the waist and allows you to swim by moving your legs in unison inside it. With a semi-rigid horizontal flipper at the toes, an adult swimmable mermaid tail lets you experience what it is like to zoom around underwater like a mythical siren. Although it may be a bit inconvenient on land, a kids' swimmable mermaid tail not only looks beautiful with iridescent patterns of synthetic scales, it allows children to imagine that they actually belong to the quiet, peaceful ocean floor or murky lake bottom, exploring not as a visitor or as an interloper but as a true denizen of the deep. You can find a swimmable mermaid tail on eBay where dependable sellers offer an array of sizes and colors, as well as many other themed swimwear options.