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About Swatch Irony Watches

Time waits for no man, so move with the times and focus on a fashion-forward style with fun and funky Swatch Irony watches. The Swatch brand dates back to 1983, when Nicolas G. Hayek turned the world of Swiss watchmaking on its head by producing an affordable, plastic Swiss watch, with an emphasis on elegance and fun, to compete with the influx of cheap Asian models. The result was the "second watch," a less expensive watch for everyday wear that still inspired envious looks from passersby. The brand went from strength to strength, and is now one of the biggest brands in the world. The exciting Irony collection includes all of the metal-cased watches, which deviate from Swatches common plastic designs, and include chrono watches such as the Chrono Automatic. If you are looking for inexpensive stainless steel or aluminum watches, this is where you will find them. Combining elegance and casual style with a strong contemporary feel, each piece is a modern gem, suitable for dressing up or dressing down. Get the unmistakable quality and style of Swatch Irony watches, available from the vast inventory on eBay. After you have purchased your "second watch," you may be tempted by a third, or a fourth, or a fifth.