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About Swarovski Rings

It is hard to argue with Marilyn Monroe that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but those sparkling gems come at a high price. Crystals add glitter to any jewelry wardrobe, like diamonds do, such as a fiery Swarovski ring. Far removed from costume jewelry stones, Swarovski crystals are crafted with meticulously cut lead glass. These glittering stones have a rich history. In 1895, Bohemian artist Daniel Swarovski moved to the Austrian village of Wattens, bringing a crystal cutting and polishing machine he invented. Soon, precision-cut Swarovski crystals became the standard for brilliance and quality. The company produces loose stones and its own line of crystal jewelry. For a signature piece that draws you into its faceted depths, browse eBay's extensive listings for a Swarovski Nirvana ring. This ring features a chunky domed crystal surrounding a silver-plated inner band. Nirvana rings are available in clear crystal as well as a spectrum of colors that include pink, sea green, and lavender. Look for a Swarovski crystal ring in a solitaire setting, wedding or anniversary band, or a stylish cocktail ring. Offered by eBay's reliable sellers, Swarovski rings feature silver, rhodium, and gold bands to set off the crystals' fire.